Vessels Insurance

QREP S.A. represents "QIC EUROPE LIMITED" with the distinctive title of QEL from 2017 in the Marine Insurance Sector. Through our collaboration, we have secured the ability to provide competitive premiums and full coverages to our clients and competitive commissions for our network of associates.

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Through QEL, we provide insurance packages to the market so that we can meet the needs of each insured.

QEL insurance packages offer :

Coverage of Compulsory Liability Insurance

This coverage protects against any financial loss that the insured may suffer if there is a requirement to indemnify third parties as a result of an accident or damage from :

- Injury or Death of a Third Party

- Material Damages to Third Party vessels

- Pollution

Other Coverages

Own Damages Insurance is provided and covers damages that the vessel itself may suffer from:

- Fire

- Theft

- Damage from Collision or Impact

- Marine Risks

This coverage protects your assets from accidental events, which may even result in the total loss of your vessel.

Ability to provide Extra Coverages

- Third party liability insurance towards and from skiers

- Coverage of own damage to sails and masts during races

- Mechanical damages (inboard or inside / outside engines)

- Insurance of personal items during the stay on the vessel

- Fall of outboard engine in sea

- Coverage during transport with trailer

The aforementioned coverages are based on the international insurance terms of Institute Yacht Clauses Cl. 328 - 01.11.85 and in accordance with the limits and conditions defined by the Greek Law.

Legal Coverage

QREP S.A. through cooperations can provide Legal Representation coverage at extremely competitive prices.

Coverage is provided with your Vessel's Insurance Policy.

Insurance is provided with coverage limit amount of € 1.500,00

QREP S.A. is always at your disposal, feel free to fill in the contact form

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