Auto Insurance

Q REP S.A. represents"QIC EUROPE LIMITED" with the distinctive title of QEL in the Auto Insurance Sector since 2016. Through our collaboration, we have secured the ability to provide competitive premiums and full coverage to our clients and competitive commissions for our network of associates.

Through QEL, we provide 3 insurance packages on the market in order to be able to meet the needs of each insured.

However, because in QREP S.A. we understand that each customer is unique and has the right to buy a product tailored to his / her own measures, we provide the ability for the customer to choose one of the above insurance packages with Basic Covers and some or all of the additional coverages.

Every customer can choose a Tailor Made car contract.

At QREP S.A. , we provide Insurance with regards to our true love for the Car as a Vehicle but also as a part of the development of civilization. That's why we support the people who keep historical vehicles by offering them INSURANCE for their valuable collectible vehicle.

The company has created 3 insurance packages for Historic Vehicles.

Furthermore, in the context of its sensitivity and its contribution to the community, the company has created 2 new Auto Insurance packages for people with disabilities. ΑΜΕΑ .

Contact us and discuss with the competent underwriters of the Company at

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